Vaccination For Yellow Fever And Vaccine Availability In South Africa

The Department of Health has, over the past few weeks received numerous concerns from members of the public
especially travellers and travel agencies regarding Yellow Fever vaccination.   Members of the public are advised to note that Zambia is not presently on the list of countries from which South Africa requires a Yellow Fever certificate and travellers to and from Zambia are not required to have a valid Yellow Fever certificate.  Members of the public will be informed should any changes occur in this regard. The supplier of Yellow Fever vaccines has informed the Department that demands have exceeded supply and  there is currently a shortage in the country. The situation is expected to normalize in next month (August).
South Africans who intend to or through high risk areas are advised to postpone their travel plans if possible. If not, travellers should consult their travel clinic for advise on Yellow Fever and prevention measures. Some of the most common prevention measures include avoiding mosquito bites by wearing long sleeved clothes, applying insecticide repellent to exposed body parts and to sleep under mosquito nets. Travellers are also advised to be aware of Yellow Fever symptoms which include a sudden onset of fever, headache, backache, nausea, vomiting and jaundice. In severe cases there may be nosebleeds, vomiting blood and blood in stools. The clinical symptoms may be confused with other viral infections and therefore confirmation of the presence of Yellow Fever virus is critical.
For more information on Yellow Fever guidelines kindly visit the Department's website: (See under Latest Additions-
Yellow Fever guidelines).

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