NHLS Recognised Globally For Quality

On 29th September, NHLS was proud to be honoured with the B.I.D. International Star Award for Quality. NHLS received this award because it demonstrated a proven commitment to quality and in continuous quest for excellence towards customers, through attention to products and services.

B.I.D. Business Initiative Directions is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of quality culture and to the continuous improvement of service delivery and commitment to quality of companies around the world. Their implementation of quality models and the award promotes and identifies company merits.

B.I.D International Star Award for Quality is based on a peer review process in which 178 countries around the world participate. This voting process forms part of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model, which pursues the improvement of management strategies and the correct use of communication in the whole management process.

Prof Johnny Mahlangu received the award in Geneva on behalf the NHLS and was deeply proud and humbled by the optimistic manner in which the NHLS is perceived in the global health arena. “NHLS is making important contributions to the African and global agenda in the search for high quality, affordable and sustainable diagnostic services informed by our experience in and understanding of public sector delivery mechanisms, supported by appropriate research and teaching programmes”, says CEO, Sagie Pillay.

Media Contact:
Ms Kaamini Reddy
Executive Manager: Communication, Marketing and PR
0726206146 Kaamini.reddy@nhls.ac.za

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