Ms Mogokotleng, Ruth

Ruth Mogokotleng is a young emerging researcher, currently employed as a Medical Scientist at the Centre for Healthcare-Associated Infections, Antimicrobial Resistance and Mycoses at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Mogokotleng obtained her BSc Hons and MSc degree in Medical Microbiology from the University of Pretoria. She is currently a registered part-time PhD candidate by Thesis (Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) at the University of Witwatersrand.
Her research focus is on molecular epidemiology of ESKAPE pathogens, which causes healthcare-associated infections in South Africa. Her primary research also focus encompasses hospital-acquired pathogens and antimicrobial resistance. Ruth is also involved in the supervision and training of intern medical scientists on the application of molecular techniques in the Microbiology and Molecular Biology laboratories.

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